Translation Portfolio

Recent translation projects:


Ongoing translation of newsletters, marketing emails and product descriptions for the online store of a French fashion and home brand from French into English

The anticorruption policy and code of ethics and conduct for a leading Italian cheese packaging company from Italian into English
























Full company IT policy from French into English

All marketing copy for the new English version of an online Belgium-based shoe reseller, including product descriptions and specifications from French into English

Landing page and marketing emails for furniture company from French into English

General terms and conditions of sale from French into English

Presentation on best practices when designing office plans by a partition wall manufacturer from French into English

Ongoing translation of room types, service and amenity descriptions and SMS welcome messages for different brands under a large European hotel group from French into English


Marketing copy for the new website of a famous theme park from Spanish into English


Translation of over 500 entries in the field of Italian Art, History and Culture for a new online English version of a prestigious Italian encyclopaedia


Commercial property tenancy agreement from Italian into English


Marketing copy for a hotel website including service descriptions, special offers and amenities from French into English


Marketing brochure on coffee tasting and descriptions of new coffee products for a leading manufacturer of portioned coffee from French into English


San Siro Stories

The English version of the blog, San Siro Stories, a compilation of slow journalism-style articles written by students from the Università Cattolica (Milan) in collaboration with town planners from the Mapping San Siro team from Italian into English

Give Me Back My

By Spazio Disponibile; music by Alessandro Mastroianni from B-Sharp Laboratories


I translated the full script of the play Give Me Back My from Italian into English to participate in COFFI, the Italian Film & Art Festival in Berlin. 



Post-editing of product descriptions for the English website of a large supplier of office equipment and appliances from French into English


Decree absolute from Italian into English


Financial and legal documents to determine credit history of loan applicant for an international bank from French into English


Criminal record certificate from Spanish into English


Translation of a critical essay from Spanish into English about the work of famous Swiss architect Le Corbusier to serve as museum text


Chocolates and confectionary brochures (product descriptions and marketing copy) for a world-famous chocolatier, from French into English


Court ruling for a divorce decree amendment from Spanish into English


Product descriptions for new cosmetics line from Italian into English


New money-back guarantee regulations, haulage service contracts and full lunch menu and area descriptions for all ports of call for a famous Italian cruise liner from Italian into English


Legal and financial documents for a European institution through a contract awarded to an agency (including auditor's report regarding aid applications) from Italian into English


Marketing copy for an IT company's website including function, feature and service descriptions of its open architecture software (an application suite) from Spanish into English


Questioned document examination report of questioned signatures for court, from Spanish into English


Content of an estate agency website for properties for sale and holiday rentals, including property descriptions, permalinks, menus and buttons from Italian into English


Product and service descriptions for the website of publishers of learning methods in music from French into English


Critical essay and exhibition proposal for an application from Italian into English


Service maintenance agreement from Italian into English


Terms & Conditions for an online music contest from French into English


Support centre guide for a data safety sheet generator software from Spanish into English


Marketing copy for special offers by a telecommunications company from Spanish into English


Legal implications of services and brand identity style guide for a new company from Italian into English 


Translation of a complete  holiday home rental website from Italian into English


By Luigi Ciccaglione and Cecilia Nocella


I revised the first English draft and translated amendments made to the original script of the play S.H.O.E.S from Italian into English for entry into a competition in New York.





Mind of Steel and Clay: Camille Claudel

Enrique Laso (Author), Emma May Price (Translator)


Available on Amazon, Kobo, iTunes and Barnes and Noble.


This is my first translated novel, published in electronic format by


Mind of Steel and Clay: Camille Claudel is a diary. Through the guilt-ridden words of Edouard Faret, Director of the psychiatric hospital of Montdevergues, we are drawn into the life of an exceptional woman, Camille Claudel.
In the 19th century, Camille was an unrivalled sculptress and both the student and lover of Auguste Rodin. She wanted to make a name for herself in a world of men, to achieve the fame and prestige that her work deserved, but this never came to pass.
In 1913, after the death of her adored father, her family committed her by force to an asylum. There she would stay, locked up against her will for 30 years until her death, despite the doctors and others who argued in defence of her sanity.

Mind of Steel and Clay: Camille Claudel tells the tragic tale of an extraordinary woman, an artistic genius whose fate was sealed with misfortune.
For the first time ever, the dark, unknown years of Camille's confinement, an era shrouded in mystery, are revealed and explored in great depth.
Through his diary, the Medical Director of the psychiatric hospital describes the years of confinement of the sculptress Camille Claudel. This bloody, ruthless account is teamed with the hardship of the Vichy France regime in World War II, yet is dappled with moments of inspiring hope; art, passion, guilt, madness and genius are at the forefront of this short novel.

Perhaps Enrique Laso's most acclaimed and profound novel to date, the author's admiration for Camille shines through, whilst on countless occasions he shares in her rage against the injustice of a world in which the cruel and deplorable are allowed to win.

General lighting catalogue by Almerich, Valencia


I translated and revised the catalogue to be published on their website (available to download from link below).


Band Promotion website biography page
I translated from Spanish into English the autobiography of an EBM band to promote the new release of their record.
Guide Book about moving to Marseille

I translated a carefully selected extract from the guidebook about Marseille from the series ‘S’installer à’: a unique set of informative publications giving an overview of daily life, practical advice and resources for those wanting to move to or visit some of France’s most famous cities.


The text posed a suitable and topical translation project, owing to the niche market for English-language guidebooks about Marseille.  This is likely to be one of many publications which attempt to portray this new innovative-side of the city, evident in the more conventional beginning chapters which feature an overview of history and culture for holidaymakers.  Furthermore, Marseille’s privileged position this year as the European Capital of Culture 2013 has involved an extensive renovation of the city and its image, attracting more tourism as well as improving the city’s reputation.  As a consequence of this, the section which describes Marseille in terms of the property available in the various districts is aimed at those wishing to relocate to the city. 

The translation brief is to translate the ST for the English version of a website which promotes Marseille as a place to visit, to live and buy property, which advertises this guidebook as a further reading suggestion.  The extract serves to fill the English version of a website about Marseille as a place to visit or relocate to, with the property information taken from the book, including the brief overview of Marseille and its districts.  (See extract of blurb below)

S'installer à Marseille - Mediterranée

L’anti-guide Touristique


Éloi Rouyer


Marseille, son Vieux-Port, ses panisses, sa Bonne Mère. Mais encore ? À partir d’une enquête approfondie, ce guide explore le Marseille de la vie de tous les jours à l’usage des néo-Marseillais et de ceux qui projettent de s’y installer ou d’y séjourner. Pratique et vivant, cet ouvrage décrypte les codes de la ville et délivre toutes les informations pour réussir son séjour ou son intégration dans la cité phocéenne et dans ses environs. Un livre à recommander aussi aux Marseillais tant il pourrait bousculer l’idée qu’ils se font de leur propre ville…


Correspondant à Marseille de l’Agence France Presse (AFP), Éloi Rouyer s’est installé il y a quatre ans dans la cité phocéenne, qui est devenue sa ville d’adoption et de cœur. Il a placé ses talents de journaliste au service de ce guide afin de tracer de Marseille un portrait fouillé, débarrassé des clichés et des idées reçues.

Moving to Marseille: The anti-tourist’s guide to the Mediterranean city


Éloi Rouyer


Marseille: the Vieux-Port, chickpea panisses and La Bonne Mère, the Notre-Dame de la Garde cathedral, but there’s so much more to discover.  Based on an in-depth study, this guide explores the Marseille of everyday life, a tool for those newly-arrived to Marseille, as well as those who are planning to move there or to visit.  This book deciphers the city’s codes in a practical and engaging way to provide you with all the information you need to plan your visit or move to Marseille and its environs.  This book is also recommended to local Marseillais themselves, as it might just change the way they look at their own city.


Four years ago, as AFP (Agence France Presse) correspondent in Marseille, Eloi Rouyer moved to this ancient Phoenician port (or la cité phocéene as the French like to say), and ever since then it has been his home from home.  In this guide, Rouyer puts his journalistic skills to good use to paint a detailed picture of Marseille, freeing it from old clichés and misconceptions.